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N’go for a better future

It was during numerous trips to Vietnam and around the world that we discovered traditional knowledge in danger.

These crafts are the cultural heritage of many ethnic groups, often minorities in the country, who are finding it increasingly difficult to make a living from them. By meeting these men and women with their unique skills, we have created strong links that drive us to act for all current and future generations.

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Our commitments

Since 2017, we are committed to ethnic minorities to make ancestral crafts the responsible fashion of tomorrow.

  • Fair


    We promote the traditional craftsmanship of more than 40 Vietnamese craftswomen from ethnic minorities.

  • Solidary


    We partly financed 4 school constructions in the most remote provinces of North Vietnam, welcoming more than 240 students.

  • Environmental


    We are concerned about the ecological impact of our activity and we always prioritize the use of local, vegan & recycled raw materials.

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Our best embassadors

I fell for these leather sneakers with its yellow graphic weave.

— Chloé, Saigon Classique Jaune

Ethical, committed and united, I can only recommend this brand of sneakers from Nantes.

— Yves, Saigon Recyclé

We are real sneaker fans! And the new colors are great.

— Chiel et Michele, Saigon Vegan

I never leave my sneakers, which are part of the new vegan line.

— Louise, Saigon Vegan

In 5 years, thanks to our purchases, the brand has been able to finance the construction of 5 schools and thus educate 300 students.

— Margot, Saigon Eco Mesh Olive


I fell in love with the Sa Pa leather model that I gave to Flo for Christmas. Since then, he has never left them, in France or on our trips!

— Manon, Saigon Classique Green


In addition to being hot, I'm helping to fund schools in the provinces of Vietnam.

— Sébastien, Saigon Classique Navy


The trainers are beautiful, very comfortable and their style is different from what we usually see. 

— Damien, Saigon Vegan Navy