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Motifs ethniques traditionnels vietnamiens

Motifs ethniques traditionnels vietnamiens

Tissage fait main avec amour

Tissage fait main avec amour

Participation à la construction d'écoles au Vietnam

Participation à la construction d'écoles au Vietnam

For a sustainable fashion

Nos artisanes

Since 2017, we design and manufacture eco-responsible sneakers and backpacks.

We promote the traditional craftsmanship of more than 40 Vietnamese craftswomen from ethnic minorities.

We partly financed 4 school constructions in the most remote provinces of North Vietnam, welcoming more than 240 students.

B-Corp certified, we are concerned about the ecological impact of our activity and we always prioritize the use of local, vegan & recycled raw materials.

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  • Vegan sneakers

    An alternative to leather, without any substance of animal origin. Find out our 100% vegan cotton canvas sneakers. They are fairly made in Vietnam, promoting the local economy.

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    Vegan sneakers
  • Recycled sneakers

    Recycled sneakers

    To create the most environmentally friendly sneaker, we aim to use recycled materials and pursue sustainable alternatives : sawdust, cork dust and recycled plastic bottles. Find out our eco-friendly sneakers. Reusing existing raw materials is the future.

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