Vegan sneakers

N’go Shoes claims to be an ethical and responsible fashion shoe brand. This is why we offer you models of vegan sneakers for women and men. Our vegan shoes are our canvas models, always embellished with their Vietnamese pattern that make these footwear unique. Our materials do not contain any substance of animal origin (fabric, sole, laces, glue, etc.). For a 100% ethical look.

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Vegan shoes

The concept of ethics is broad and can cover different aspects and different convictions: environmental, human, animal cause ... At N’go, we have chosen to represent the latter through our Mekong collection of vegan shoes. Our sneaker models are made of canvas, and the components of the various elements of the vegan shoe exclude any animal product.

Why choose vegan sneakers?

The reasons to buy vegan sneakers can be very different, but they are all valid! Whether by conviction and defense of animal rights, by preference of the material as an alternative to leather, or simply because you like the model, choosing a pair of vegan sneakers is an ethical and responsible choice in add of a stylish one!

Women's vegan sneakers

Our different models of vegan shoes are perfect for women. Their neutral design embellished with hand-woven Vietnamese patterns available in several colors makes it possible to combine our vegan sneakers with all kinds of looks. From the most casual to the most worked, with jeans for a casual or more sophisticated style with tailored pants and a bomber jacket for example. 

Men's vegan sneakers

N’go designed his vegan sneaker in a neutral style with colors that adapt to many styles and that also match men. Here too, you can choose to combine your vegan sneakers with classic clothing such as cargo pants, a t-shirt and a denim jacket, or compose a more refined look with city pants, turtleneck and blazer Fabric.

Vegan sneakers: an alternative to leather shoes

We do not offer vegan sneakers in imitation leather with specific materials such as pinatex or natural rubber which imitate leather and allow us to diversify our style of vegan shoes. This is why we make it a point of honor to offer sneakers in vegan canvas, the sole, laces and glue of which used for manufacturing do not contain products of animal origin. You no longer have to choose your favorite pair of leatherless sneakers from our models.

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