What's the sizing of the shoes ?

For our canvas collection, they size normally so you can order your usual size.

For our leather collection, they size small so if you are between two sizes, we advise you to choose the one above.

If the size is not suitable, will it be possible to exchange?

If the size is not suitable, you will be able to send us your order and
we will proceed to the exchange. The cost of return are the responsibility of the customer and the return shipping costs are the responsibility of N'GO SHOES.

More information on the "Deliveries & Returns" page.

Why is it called N'go?

In Vietnamese, N'go has many meanings depending on the chosen accent and its
position, such as cereal or alley. On the other hand, for our brand, we
We chose to write it without accent: its consonance both Vietnamese and
English speaking is a reflection of our dynamic! And go for social sneakers!

What does your logo represent?

Our logo refers to our products: the red circle, the yellow line, and the
font of writing are loans to the laces of our sneakers!

What materials are your shoes made of?

The shoes in our canvas collection are made of cotton canvas.
The outsole is made of rubber.
Including in the glue used, no component coming from an animal
found in all the models of our canvas collection, these models are 100% VEGAN.

The shoes in our leather collection are made of animal leather, with chrome-free tanning, from Argentina.
The outsole is made of rubber.

Compared to chrome tanning, usually used, chrome-free tanning is less harmful to the environment and the health of tanners, producers and users.