Leather sneakers

Discover our range of ethical leather sneakers. With chrome-free leather tanning, our men's and women's shoes are eco-friendly. Each pair is unique thanks to the ethnic patterns handwoven by local Vietnamese artisans. Choosing N'go Shoes is participating in a social and solidarity program that allows the construction of schools in Vietnam. 

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Ethical leather shoes

One of N'go's challenges was to be able to offer ethical leather sneakers that are respectful not only of craftsmen but also of the environment. This results in leather shoes produced in accordance with favorable working conditions for local Vietnamese artisans. With a unique style, our men sneakers and women sneakers combine fashion, trend and solidarity. You can wear them as city shoes or casual shoes thanks to their streetwear look.

Ethnic leather shoes

Each suede sneaker is unique thanks to the hand weaving of traditional ethnic motifs from Vietnamese craftsmanship. By buying a pair of ethical N'go leather shoes, you participate in a social and solidarity project, which diffuses all the richness of the Vietnamese handicrafts in a responsible way in the world. N'go offers you the possibility to wear leather sneakers without chrome and trendy at the same time. Black color leather, white color leather, or colorful ones, smooth leather or suede, N'go offers different classic and original styles to fit all your looks.

Chrome-free leather

The particularity of N'go leather sneakers lies not only in its unique Vietnamese ethnic motifs but also in its environmentally friendly production process. Each leather sneakers has a chrome-free tanning. For other parts of the shoes, we use synthetic lining, more than 90% of natural rubber for outsole and a vegan glue. This commitment is beneficial for both the planet and the health of producers. Buying eco-friendly leather shoes made in Vietnam is now possible with N'go.