Saigon Classique '24

Low sneakers in beige and green leather

  • Durable genuine leather
  • Unique handmade ethnic weaving
  • Ultra-comfortable sole

6 available colours


Saigon Classique '24 Cypress Green


Every component of the sneaker has been meticulously selected by our teams to stand the test of time, while minimizing its carbon footprint. That's why we've selected soft beige full-grain leather, sourced locally in Vietnam, as well as recycled and certified materials.

N'go has revisited the construction of its sneaker to ensure optimal all-day comfort, without altering the original model. The insole and outsole have been reworked to maximize the sneaker's comfort and lightness. The sneaker's retro look is enhanced by genuine leather reinforcement at the toe. All validated by lab and wear tests.

  • Upper genuine leather - Beige color
  • Handwoven fabric (Cotton/Polyester)
  • Lining 100% made with recycled plastic bottles - certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS)
  • Removable sockliner - 10mm thickness : 20% textile (recycled PET) + 41% bio sourced Eva (sugar cane) and 39% conventional EVA
  • Outsole sewn with natural Vietnamese rubber (30%) and synthetic (70%) - beige color
  • Logo : embossed on the tongue and heel tab
  • Laces 100% made from recycled plastic bottles - certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Made in Vietnam in a BSCI-certified workshop that guarantees fair pay for workers, freedom of association, decent working hours, and health and safety at work.

Stitching: Vietnam

Assembly: Vietnam

Finishing: Vietnam

Waterproofing before first use, and renewing regularly, will protect your pair and increase their longevity.

As our shoes are partially hand-woven, they are not suitable for machine washing. This could damage the raw materials. To remove stains, wash by hand with cold water and soap.

  • New
  • 7,8 kg CO2

Saigon Classique '24

The genuine leather sneaker that won't let you down

A little stripe that speaks volumes

A little stripe that speaks volumes

This woven stripe is the N'go signature. When you wear these sneakers, you're supporting the skills of independent Vietnamese craftswomen. The designs in the Saigon Classique '24 collection were hand-woven by Lien, an autonomous and independent Vietnamese craftswoman from the White Thai ethnic minority.

A retro look

A retro look

A sneaker that's both sporty and retro, for a timeless look. This collection is sure to become a wardrobe staple, combining comfort and style. Its genuine leather front reinforcement and air vents add an athletic touch to the shoe.

Resist, prove you exist

Resist, prove you exist

This pair is crafted from genuine leather; full-grain leather renowned for its suppleness and resistance. The shoe and its raw materials have been tested and approved in the lab, then worn by beta testers to validate durability.

Don't let go of your soles

Don't let go of your soles

Our soles, glued then sewn to the upper, are renowned for their suppleness, support and optimal comfort. Its beige color is emblematic, since it's the color of our first pairs of N'go shoes.

Comfort above all

Comfort above all

Designed to feel like slippers, our sneakers are padded with soft foam that conforms to the shape of the foot. We've selected a lightweight insole for optimum comfort, which is also removable so that it can be replaced with an orthopedic insole if required.

Making connections

Making connections

Lace-up closure on a tongue embossed with the colorful N'go logo. A loop has been added to hold the laces in place. An eyelet in the same color as the sneaker's ethnic motif adds a discreet and elegant aesthetic touch to the shoe.

Frequently asked questions

You can find size information directly on the product page by clicking on the "Size Guide" link, located just below the available sizes.

Yes, you have 30 days from the reception of your order to return the pair to be exchanged. In addition, we will pay for the return and reshipment costs (for metropolitan France).

For purchases made during December, returns will be accepted until the end of January.

Metropolitan France from €80:

- GLS Domicile within 2 to 4 working days: free delivery

- Colissimo Domicile within 3 to 4 working days: €9

- Chronopost Express within 1 to 2 working days: €10

Metropolitan France under 80€ :

- GLS Domicile within 2 to 4 working days: 4€99

- Colissimo Domicile within 3 to 4 working days: €9

- Chronopost Express within 1 to 2 working days: €10

Outside metropolitan France, delivery costs range from €5 to €15 including tax, depending on the destination country.

For countries outside the European Union, customs duties may apply. These are at your expense and will be charged to you upon delivery of your parcel by the local customs office.

Our sneakers (Saigon, Ho tay and Hue) are made in Vietnam at Dai Luc Dong Nai, a workshop audited and certified to guarantee good working and safety conditions for employees, fair pay and decent working hours. For the Mai Chau model, the sneakers are made at NVS.

Each year, we donate 2% of our turnover to the NGO Sao Bien for the construction of primary and elementary schools in remote, marginalized and often difficult to access areas of Vietnam.

For example, for the purchase of a trainer at 100€, 2€ is donated to the association. 

On average, 1 pair of N'go manufactured and sold is equivalent to 15.6 kg of CO2, or the equivalent of 78 km by car or 8671 km by TGV.

Our company is B Corp and SloWeAre certified.

B Corp is a certification that assesses the overall impact of N'go and goes beyond the raw material supply chain. By answering around 200 questions, we are evaluated on issues such as working conditions and wages, choice of suppliers, open information to our community, environment and corporate governance. It is therefore a global certification of our business management.

SloWeAre is the French label for ethical and responsible fashion. It aims to guarantee to consumers that the audited brand respects a number of ethical principles such as good working conditions for the manufacturers; that the materials used are chosen responsibly; that the brand is committed to safeguarding traditional know-how while guaranteeing cultural non-appropriation etc.

The greenhouse gas footprint is expressed in kilograms of CO₂ equivalent, and was calculated using the methodology and data of ADEME (Agence de la transition écologique).

Source: ADEME's Impact Base version 2.0 and bibliography resources.

Methodology: Simplified life cycle assessment based on ADEME BPX 30-323 technical base.

Scope: entire product lifecycle: materials, fabric manufacture, garments, accessories, transport, packaging, use, end-of-life.

Margin of error: The calculation method is a simplified life-cycle analysis, intended as a decision-making aid by highlighting action levers and major environmental impact items. The average uncertainty rate for a life-cycle analysis is 25%, with uncertainty linked to the data collected and to emission factors (greenhouse gas emissions per kg of process).

Tool: Calculations are made automatically by a platform developed by La Belle Empreinte, for which the greenhouse gas and freshwater eutrophication indicators have been certified by an ADEME delegate.

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