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Ethical shoes for men and women

The heart of N'go Shoes concept is to offer ethical footwear, designed with respect for the planet and the human. Thus, our men's and women's sneakers are part of an ethical fashion approach, combining a production respectful of the environment and fair for artisans. To buy a pair of ethical shoes is to bring social and solidarity values ​​to everyday life. With an affirmed style while remaining neutral, our sneakers are suitable for both men and women looking for an ethical and trendy alternative for their everyday shoes.

Ethical sneakers with ethnic motifs

The social project carried by the brand of N'go ethical sneakers is twofold. Our commitment #NgoForEducation finances the construction of schools in Vietnam, thus promoting the development of education for Vietnamese children.

The made in Vietnam revalued

More concretely, when you buy a pair of N'go sneakers, you display the Vietnamese craftsmanship on your feet. Indeed, our sneakers are all unique because they wear traditional ethnic patterns hand-woven by the artisans of Vietnamese ethnic minorities.