Sao Bien Room for education is an Austrian non-governmental organization that has been operating in Vietnam since 2016. Its operational branch is in the capital of Hanoi and Thomas is its representative.

Every year, Sao Bien builds no less than 5 schools in the mountainous regions of North Vietnam, where living conditions are harsh. These rural areas are for the most part neglected by the Vietnamese central government and the local populations have little access to information, hospitals, and of course... schools.

Moreover, the climate never leaves the local population in peace. Every year, these isolated regions are victims of typhoons, floods, storms, and mudslides. Sao Bien was therefore created to help the rural population through the construction of robust kindergarten and elementary school. Hundreds of children, aged 3 to 11, can study in safety.

How does Sao Bien act?

Each construction project is first studied and then established jointly with the local authorities and local partners (Vietnamese associations). Many factors such as the literacy rate or the standard of living are considered to determine the urgency of building a school in this area. Once the school project is approved, Sao Bien uses local (or regional) manpower to undertake the construction. This not only supports the local Vietnamese economy, but also ensures that the school is weatherproof and in the right location. Who better to build a school than workers who know the terrain?