Non-negotiated prices

Choosing N'go means supporting the work of some forty Vietnamese weavers from the White Thai and Lao ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam. They are completely autonomous and set their own prices per metre of fabric, depending on the production time and the difficulty of the pattern to be woven.

Fair remuneration

In addition to the craftswomen, we also pay all the actors in our production chain fairly and work directly with them: from the suppliers of raw materials to the distributors of our products, including the certified assembly workshops.


Supporting N'go means participating in the construction of schools in Vietnam. Each year, the brand donates 2% of its turnover to the Sao Bien association, for the construction of schools in underprivileged and marginalized areas of Vietnam. Since its creation, N'go has contributed to the schooling of 300 children, aged between 3 and 11, thanks to the construction of 5 school buildings.