As you may have noticed, we have not been having sales on our products for some time.

For some fast fashion manufacturers, the equation is quickly put together:

Seasonal sales = "bargain" feeling = I BUY MORE!

At N'go, we are not mathematicians but we think that the right calculation is the following:

Timeless pieces = fair prices all year round = I buy when I need to!

That way, every pair of N'go shoes is appreciated. All the people who work on the design of our pairs are paid for their work, all year round. We put all our efforts into Research & Development to offer you durable and comfortable pairs at a fair price.

For those who are looking for bargains, don't hesitate to visit our "Outlet" tab which offers end-of-series models at very low prices. You will find there our two models Phu Quoc and Son Doong, which are now in end of series.

As we will never reproduce these models, we prefer not to overstock them and give them a chance to find a buyer. Because at N'go, it is important that everyone finds what they are looking for!

In short, at N'go we prefer to buy less but better!