How are your N’go Shoes made from A to Z

Follow the different production stages of your N’go, from the designs creation to your door!

The collaboration with craftwomen

Our concept: promote the Vietnamese traditional craft by proudly stitching their hand-woven fabrics on your N’go Shoes.

The choice of White Thai ethnic minority

Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with more than fifty different groups who mainly live in the mountainous regions of the country.

Coming from China a thousand years ago, the Thai ethnic group incorporate several groups, among which are the With Thai.

It is during his first days in Vietnam that Ronan (one of the cofounder) discovered the traditional craft of White Thai, falling nose with the designs that would adorn two years later all the N’go Shoes.

And then, for more than a year, we work hand in hand with the craftwomen from Nghe An and Hoa Binh provinces. Grouped into cooperatives, they are able to organize their work collectively and to set their own prices.

Each N’go has a face

Get to know the people behind the weavings of your N’go sneakers!

Hoa Binh cooperative:

Vi Thi Oanh
47 years old, 2 children
I wove the Ba Dinh and Ly Son styles.
Lo Dung
26 years old, 1 child<
I wove the Ba Be, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc and Co To styles.
Lo Thi Lien
36 years old, 2 children
I wove the Da Nang style.
Lo Chanh
38 years old, 2 children
I wove the An Binh style.
Kha Thi Nhung
26 years old, 1 child
I wove the Son Doong style.

Nghe An cooperative:

Sam Thi Bich
52 years old, 3 children
I wove the Ba Be style.
Sam Thi Quyen
52 years old, 3 children
I wove the Mui Ne style.
Lang Thi Hoai
54 years old, 5 children
I wove the Co To style.
Lu Thi Yen
40 years old, 2 children
I wove the Hoi An style.
Lo Thi Em
35 years old, 1 child
I wove the Ba Be style.

Each N’go has a unique place

An Binh
Modelled after the raw colours of its volcanic rocks, surrounding this untamed island in Central Vietnam.
Da Nang
Designed to celebrate this picturesque town, located perfectly between the mountains and the sea, and home to extreme sports lovers.
Son Doong
Designed for those who have the taste for adventure. You will have to descend more than 80 metres before discovering the biggest, and wildest, cave in the world! Home to its own jungles and rivers.
Phu Quoc
This paradise island in the South of Vietnam is renowned for its pristine white beaches, fresh food and luxurious lifestyle.
Ly Son
An island located alongside the central coast of Vietnam. Our "Ly Son" style is inspired by its spectacular volcanic cliffs. Untouched and tranquil, this island is a heavenly destination for fans of crystal blue water and sumptuous seafood.
Ba Be
Designed to remember the colours and enchantments of this majestic lake located in the North of Vietnam.
Co To
Designed to make you want traveling to this unknown wild island. Its fauna and flora are breathtaking.
Hoi An
Designed to make you (re) discover this village of Central Vietnam. Its night market and its culinary secrets are unavoidable.
Mui Ne
Designed to remember the colors of the Vietnamese desert. Its sand dunes face the sea and its many sinners.
Ba Dinh
Designed to pay tribute to this fabulous district of Hà Nội, probably the most authentic of the city.

The assembly line of your N’go

Once woven, the fabrics are stored in Hanoi to be assembled in a factory. From now, 4 successive stages are necessary to complete the process.

1.The sampling

First, we cooperate with the factory team to try on the the sneakers with different shapes, materials used and match the colors all together. Once we get the final sample, this one will be used by the factory to manufacture the entire collection. At this stage of the production, some trials are necessary…


2.The production

Once all details have been confirmed with the factory team, it is time to start to finalize the assembly so that you can put on your N’go Shoes!


3.The quality control

The quality control is a fundamental stage of the production cycle for N’go Shoes. It is essential for us to make sure that everything is done for your confort and guarantee the quality of our sneakers. As well, this certification enable us to export our shoes to the European market and and the rest of the world! If the testings are positive, then your N’go are ready to be wraped and sent to France!

4.The packaging


This dó paper, 100% natural, is produced by Vietnamese craftpeople with rhamnoneuron fiber. This art is passed from generation to generation.

100% hand-woven by White Thaï craftwomen, this bag is 100% cotton.

Recycled inner box