The craftswomen

Producing in a different way while respecting those who make them
At the heart of the N'go project, there is the will to collaborate with Vietnamese weavers with ancestral craftsmanship.

Each pair of N'go proudly displays a unique weaving, handmade by forty craftswomen from the north Vietnamese provinces of Nghe An, Hoa Binh and Dien Bien

They are gathered in cooperatives; they are totally independent and organize their work collectively. They fix the price per meter among themselves (for example: 1m of weaving for the Da Lat model = 127.000VND = it is about 4,5 €), which allows them to have prices established for the whole community and to avoid competition between them.
Producing in a different way while respecting those who make them
The beginning of our collaboration
The beginning of our collaboration
In 2016, Ronan returned to Vietnam to meet the craftswomen and explain the N'go project: to make eco-designed shoes by recreating their minority's traditional ethnic patterns. They receive a fair remuneration for their expertise, and they a total organization autonomy in their work. A fair wage for a quality work! The craftswomen immediately joined the project, and the first samples of handcrafted fabrics were produced. A great way to support their manual and ancestral activity while offering them new perspectives for the future.
Each cooperative has its own ancestral technique
At N'go, we only work with pre-established cooperatives to ensure that fabric orders are received in a voluntary and collective sense.

Our initial designs are sourced directly from the unique culture of each minority.

Throughout the evolution of our designs, we proposed more geometric patterns, designed in France, and revisited in Vietnam with the help of the women artisans. By offering them these new ways to weave, they learn new techniques and expand their skills.
Each cooperative has its own ancestral technique

"Everyone supports my work at the cooperative. There is a good atmosphere! It provides me with a regular salary and allows me to take care of my family."
Chị Liên

Vietnam, at the heart of N'go artisanal production
The cooperatives organize their work collectively and autonomously. Each structure is independent, and the weavers have the flexibility to choose their working hours and location. Some of them go to the cooperative to work as a group while others stay at home to make smaller quantities of work and take care of their young children and/or parents.
We integrate the artisans directly into the development phase of our products. Each new ethnic pattern that is added to our collection is carefully chosen with the artisans and then we jointly decide if it is possible to move on to the sampling process. After this testing period, the choice to keep or not this pattern must be validated by everyone.
The price of the fabric (per meter) is fixed collectively by the artisans according to the time and difficulty that the pattern requires. When we order a certain quantity of fabric from the artisans, we pre-finance the raw materials that will be used as well as a part of their future salary. We make it a point of honour to ensure that each artisan receives a fair and stable salary every month, even if orders drop.
At N'go, producing in Vietnam does not mean working far from home, without direct contact with our suppliers. We work without intermediaries and directly with our partners. Until 2019, Ronan lived in Vietnam to be closer to his partners. Since then, they have opened an office in Ho-Chi-Minh-City to continue the follow-up and development of the brand on site.
Every N'go has a face
Craftswoman 1

I weave the style
Da Lat

47 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 2

I weave the style
Da Dia

26 years old, 1 child
Craftswoman 3

I weave the styles
Hoa Lu et Quang Ba

36 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 4

I weave the style
Hoan Kiem

38 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 5

I weave the style
Mui Dien

65 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 6

I weave the style
Ky Co

52 years old, 3 children
Craftswoman 7

I weave the style
Ben Thanh

50 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 8

I weave the styles
Co To model

30 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 9

I weave the style
Da Lat

40 years old, 2 children
Craftswoman 10

I weave the style
Tan Dinh

35 years old, 1 child

"N'go offers a wide variety of products with different weaving techniques. This gives us a lot of motivation and inspiration because we learn something new every time."
Chị Dựng

A day in Chieng Chau told by Lò Thị Chanh
A day in Chieng Chau told by Lò Thị Chanh
Lò Thị Chanh is a 41-years old unpaired weaver with whom we have been working since the beginning of N'go. Mother of two children who are passionate about soccer, she tells us about her daily life at the cooperative:

“ I get up at 6am to take care of the children before going to school. We have breakfast every morning as a family (the famous phở soup)! Then I leave for the cooperative around 7:30am, where I work with the other weavers until 11am.

Back home, I cook and eat lunch, before usually taking a nap. Then I return to the cooperative at 2pm to weave until 5pm.

I return home at 5:30 p.m., to take care of domestic duties and dinner. The evenings end in front of the television, with my family, before going to bed.

I am happy to work for N'go because it allows me to manage my time between work and family. ”