What is the size chart for our shoes?

You can order your usual size.

If the size does not fit you, can you change it?

If the size is not suitable, you will be able to send us back your shoes and we will exchange them.

Why did we call our brand N’GO?

In Vietnamese, N'GO has many meanings according to the chosen accent and its position, for example: cereal, alley, ... 
On the other hand, for our shoe brand, we chose to write it without accents: its English and Vietnamese consonance is the reflection of our dynamic! #NgoForEducation

What does our logo represent?

We chose the green colour for our logo, echoing the landscapes of northern Vietnam. 
Of course we should also refer to our products: the small red circle, the yellow line, as well as the font of writing are designed from the laces of our sneakers!

What materials are your shoes made of ?

Our shoes are 100% cotton for the part woven by artisans. 
The rest of our shoes is in canvas. 
The outsole is made of rubber.