Carbon footprint

Understanding for better action
To produce is to pollute. Despite the ethical, solidarity and environmental commitments that are the foundations of N'go, we are aware that our activity has an environmental impact. By becoming aware of our footprint on the planet, we can then implement concrete solutions to limit our greenhouse gas emissions.

Our goal is not to produce more, but to produce better, with respect for the planet and its inhabitants.
Tackling global warming
Climate change is undeniable. The increase in the number of natural disasters each year, the melting of the ice and the rise in the planet's temperature are perfect examples. In fact, 2020 was the hottest year on record in France, with an average temperature of 14°C. More than a phenomenon observed in France, it is a global trend: the Earth is warming up!

One of the main causes is the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, which is strongly linked to human activity. It contributes to 2/3 of the increase in the greenhouse effect. By changing our production methods, we can limit the impact of the fashion industry and thus act for the environment and people.
Tackling global warming
Production de baskets
Why carry out this study ?
By carrying out a carbon footprint, we can measure the impact of our activity on the environment, i.e. the quantity of CO2 and other gases emitted.

In order to obtain a result that is as close to reality as possible, we have gone through all the stages of the production of our shoes in 2019: from the creation of the raw materials to the delivery to the end customer, and including the manufacture of the shoes. This way, we have taken into account our entire production chain and not just the activity "controlled" by our company.

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During our assessment, some values were not taken into account due to a lack of reliable sources and information. We therefore explain in detail the limitations of our calculation and plan to remedy this lack of information in our next carbon assessment.
The transparency of our results
No cheating, we tell you everything! In a 100% transparent approach, we wanted to publish the results of our study in order to explain our approach and our areas of improvement for the years to come.

By opening our eyes to the reality of our production, we can find concrete solutions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In short, produce better for a better world.

What our study shows :

  • In 2019, our global carbon footprint amounted to 202 tonnes of CO2 emitted, which is equivalent to 67 tonnes of CO2 per employee.
  • This study takes into account the entire production chain (scope 3): from the raw material to the manufacturing of our pairs, including transport. This gives us a complete picture of the impact of our activity on the planet.
  • The use of raw materials to manufacture our sneaker represents 58% of our carbon footprint. Favouring the use of eco-designed materials remains our number one priority. Eventually, all our collections will be made from recycled materials.
  • The transport of the sneakers from Vietnam to France represents only 5% of our CO2 emissions. On the contrary, the delivery of our packages to our shops or to our end customers represents 11% of CO2. Note that since 2018, we have banned the transport of our sneakers by air.
  • Business travel represents 12% of our emissions. If we want to reduce these emissions, it is essential to favour the use of more responsible means of transport such as the train and other public transport.
  • We are proud to work directly with suppliers who are committed to CSR and who, like us, seek to advance the fashion of tomorrow.

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